Custom Work

Custom Nursing Bags and accessories..... yes we can!!

Custom design and manufacturing has been the foundation of our business since we started up in 1985. As there are very few actual manufacturers left in Canada and the USA, we are a terrific source for Nursing organizations looking for unique, occupational specific bag designs that are built to endure the elements.

We've seen it all!

Often our design process starts with our customer providing us with the items that require a case/bag/pack to house and we go from there. We've "housed" mobility devices for home health, rocks for geologists, explosives for swat teams, electronic devices, etc, etc.! We also do custom embroidery and imprinting.

Just email me the details of the desired function/contents of your custom design, along with quantity required and we'll go from there! Please note, we do not do individual custom Nurses Bags.

All the best,
Mark Wheeler - Owner

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